Brides and grooms are selected at random from the registered attendees to participate in our contests.
You must register online or at the show to be eligible for contest participation. Fabulous gifts will be awarded!  

2:00 pm: Belk “Battle of the Brides” Contest
Guenn & Riggins with the Ace and TJ morning show from Channel 96.1 will host.
Five brides compete in a quest to find the “diamond” ring hidden inside a gigantic cake. Brides will “battle” for fabulous prizes!

3:00 pm: “Dancing with the Grooms” Contest
Guenn & Riggins with the Ace and TJ morning show from Channel 96.1 will host.
Five grooms will show their moves on the dance floor, instruction provided by Metropolitan Ballroom, in hopes of
winning fabulous prizes! Audience applause meter selects the winner…. so we need your help!

Contest prizes are subject to change without notice. The Bridal Showcase is not
directly affiliated with any of the companies distributing the actual prize(s).  Carolina Weddings and Events producers of The Bridal Showcase will present the winner with prize(s) and explain prize(s) to the best of our ability!  CW&E will be providing the information given to us via points/text/conversation by the prize issuing company(s). CW&E is not responsible for quality of prize(s) and cannot be held liable for promises made by issuing company(s).  CW&E will do it’s best to verify authenticity of prize(s) prior to distribution!